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I am a mathematician teaching at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

From 2005 to 2010, I helped with the NSF REU summer program Geometry and Physics on Graphs at Canisius.
This program has now ended but here is a link to some of the work created by students at the REU over those years: REU results.

As a new way of encouraging math in the community, I have been running a Math Circle here at Canisius:
The Canisius Math Circle

Courses I am teaching, for Fall 2015: Mat111, Mat105. I am also designing a new capstone course for math/science students, which we hope to offer in Spring 2016.

Some Math Links: hudson river undergrad math conference, UB math dept, ...
Other Links: Canisius College Math Blog

My research interests include algebraic topology, combinatorics, category theory, etc. Here are links to help you find my papers:

My Curriculum Vitae

Canisius College Home Page