Practicum and Internship: What Site Supervisors Need to Know


mentoring.jpg Components of this Training Module (Click on topic to jump to section)

1. Comprehensive Orientation Video and College Contacts

2. Placement Procedures

3. Starting the Experience

4. Philosophy and Objectives

5. Best Practices and Frequently Asked Questions

6. Additional Reading on Supervising Counselors in Training


This Video Covers Canisius Expectations and Procedures - It Also Has Reflections From Students and Tips from Site Supervisors ... (about 16 minutes)

Click Here or on Video


Important Contacts at the College

Ms. Tara Pace- Clinical Site Coordinator

Contact for all placement questions until the start of the semester. After the semester starts the professor who teaches the seminar should be contacted.

Phone: 507-6056 e-mail:

 Dr. E. Christine Moll- Department Chair and Director of Site Placements

Phone: 888-3287 e-mail:


Professors Who May Be Teaching Practicum and Internship Courses:

Determine from graduate student at the start of the semester.

Dr. Holly Fetter- Full Time Faculty

Phone: 888-3187 e-mail:

Dr. David Farrugia- Full Time Faculty

Phone: 888-2393 e-mail:

Dr. Ann Marie Lenhardt- Full Time Faculty

Phone: 888-2398 e-mail:

Dr. Michael Rutter- Full Time Faculty

Phone: 888-3721 e-mail:

Fr. Joseph Burke- Adjunct Professor

Phone: 888-2387 e-mail:

Mr. Michael Cammarata- Adjunct Professor

Phone: 888-2625 e-mail:

Ms. MJ Szydlowski- Adjunct Professor

Phone: 833-7142