Placement Procedures

Conditions for Placement


Conditions.jpg 1. Must be in at least the third semester of study and a student in good standing

2. In addition to other courses, must have completed the pre-practicum before a practicum

3. Must have completed the practicum before an internship

4. Other courses completed will vary by student

If you wish to download our full curriculum of study - CLICK HERE


Process for Placement:


PlacementProcess.jpg 1. Application is done in the semester before the placement begins

2. Students can request possible locations or age groups

3. We check that the student has met our conditions for placement

4. Our placement coordinator contacts you and informs the student

5. The student then contacts you and arranges start dates

6. Questions before the semester starts go through the placement coordinator (see Contact List on Page 1)

7. At the start of the semester you receive the applicable practicum or internship cooperating counselor's handbook from the student

8. After the start of the semester, communication is through the professor teaching the seminar

Note: NYS Education Department is specifically prohibited from reviewing fingerprints for student teachers/interns