At the Start of the Placement

beginning.jpg THINGS TO KNOW:

1. Start dates vary by semester -- it is OK for students to begin a week or so before the College semester starts conversely, it is OK for students to start a week or so after the semester starts

2. By the end of the semester the student is required to have the required number of "direct" and "indirect" service hours

3. Students come to you with varying levels of experience, maturity, work ethic, social and professional skills therefore each supervision experience is unique Click Here for a Developmental Model for Counselors

4. Assess your intern and develop your approach to helping them grow

5. Begin to map-out the required and unique activities for the semester -- Pay special attention to the supervisory process - If recorded sessions cannot be taken from a Practicum site for review by the College supervisor, the Guide for Live Supervision (CLICK HERE FOR SUPERVISION GUIDE) should be used to facilitate three phone or e-mail consultations with the College professor.

Cooperating Counselor's Handbooks for Download

You will receive one of these from your Graduate Student...each contains required and suggested activities - expectations for the student, the site and the College - agreement forms - student evaluations - and other useful resources as well. If you like, you can download a copy of the appropriate handbook below:


School Clinical Practiucm

click here

Mental Health Clinical Practicum

click here

School Internship

click here

Mental Health Counseling Internship

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