Philosophy and Objectives for Practicum and Internships



Expectations for the counseling experiences gained from field placements are based on the standards of the Council on Accreditation of Counseling and Related Services (CACREP). This means that students in practicum are expected to have significant supervision of their direct work with clients. Direct counseling work is essential in the practicum. In addition to the supervision of the cooperating counselor, students have a weekly group seminar and are individually supervised by a College supervisor. While students are expected to begin to explore the range of professional counseling activities in the practicum, the primary focus is on developing solid individual and group counseling skills, hence the intensive supervision.

During the internship experience students are expected to perform the full range of counseling activities and service. They are required to have a total of 600 hours of direct and indirect service (240 hours must be direct service) as compared to the practicum where 100 hours of direct and indirect service are required (40 hours must be direct service). In addition to supervision by the cooperating counselor, students have a weekly seminar. Individual supervision is only done by the cooperating counselor, although the professor leading the seminar provides group supervision and is available to assist students individually.