What to Expect During the Semester




When graduate students begin working with you, expect to provide them with an appropriate orientation to your site. Most graduate students are unsure of your expectations for them, therefore during the first several weeks of the semester provide them with clear direction and structure. As the semester progresses and routines develop, support the graduate student in becoming more independent as appropriate to your work site. Make sure you take the time for supervisory discussions. Most cooperating counselors find that several brief conversations/meetings across the day work best. Student counselors progress at different rates so be sure to tailor the experience according to the abilities and needs of the graduate student.

Evaluations are done at the mid-semester and at the end of the semester. Mid-semester evals should be done in pencil and given to the student for delivery to the professor at the College. At the end of the semester, the evaluations should be completed in pen. The evaluations require a quantitative review, but also allow for qualitative comments from the cooperating counselor.

Do expect to be contacted by the College professor during the course of the semester. Should you need consultation regarding expectations for the site experience Do not hesitate to contact the attending professor at any time .

Tuition waivers are sent at the end of the semester.