Canisius College, Buffalo, New York                                      

Spring 2016, Marketing & Information Systems Course Offerings and Syllabi:


MKT 201, Yim   MKT 201, Schilling-Faleski  MKT 395, Social Media Branding & PR   MKT 478, online Global Logistics, Gessner  

MKT 331, Sauer, Marketing Research MKT375, International Marketing, Snyder

Information Systems

ISB 101, Laberta sections A,B,C,D   ISB 211, Garrity    ISB 455, Garrity

ISB 460, Griffin, Computer Forensics   

ISB 475, Szewczak, Systems Analysis and Design   


MBA 506 online, Foundations of Marketing, Gessner  MBA 633 online, Global Logistics, Gessner   MBA 630, Marketing Strategy, Hal MBA 843, Marketing Management, Snyder

MBA 602, MSF 704 Computer Forensics, Griffin, online,   MBA 501, Jamel Perkins, Management Information Systems


Fall 2015, Marketing & Information Systems Course Offerings and Syllabi:


MKT 201, Peter Hall    and Peter Hall schedule    MKT201 Mark Yim   MKT 201A Sauer    MKT 350 Mark Yim    MKT 370 Sprague

Information Systems

ISB 101 Laberta    ISB 101 Szewczak    ISB 101 Moore    ISB 101 Garrity    ISB205 Connolly    ISB 340 Garrity   


MBA 501  Perkins      MBA 501 Moore        MBA 630 Sauer

Spring 2015, Marketing & Information Systems Course Offerings and Syllabi:


Marketing 201, Yim    Marketing 331, Marketing Research Sauer    Marketing 396, Digital Marketing,Yim     Marketing 478 online, Global Logistics, Gessner       

Information Systems

ISB 211, Visual Programming, Garrity        ISB 455, Ecommerce, Garrity    ISB 475, Systems Analysis & Design, Szewczak        ISB101c, Management Technology, Volonino

ISB101d, Management Technology, Volonino


MBA 506 Marketing , online, Gessner        MBA 633 Marketing Strategy, online, Gessner        MBA 668 Information Technology Tools for Supply Chain Management, Moore

Fall 2014, Marketing & Information Systems Course Offerings and Syllabi:


Marketing 201, Yim        Marketing 201, Sauer, A    Marketing 201, Sauer D    Marketing 201, Hall

Consumer Behavior, Snyder    Marketing 401, Cases in Marketing, Gessner    Marketing 450, Digital Marketing, Yim

MBA 506 Gessner, Foundations of Marketing Management A        MBA 630, Marketing Strategy, Sauer

MIB 636, International Marketing, Snyder    ISB 440 Marketing Data Analysis, Volonino


Information Systems

ISB 101 Management Technology, Volonino    ISB 101, Management Technology, Laberta    ISB101 Management Technology, Connolly

ISB 205, Management Software, Volonino    ISB 340 Data Management, Garrity    ISB 350 Networking ISB 440 Marketing Data Analysis

MBA 501, MIS, Szewczak    MBA 501, MIS, Perkins    MBA 501 Moore     MBA632DataAnalyticsVolonino


Spring 2014, Marketing & Information Systems Course Offerings and Syllabi:


MKT201online    MKT201Yim    MKT397  MKT331MarketResearchSauer 

MKT395SocialMediaBranding MKT478GlobalLogisticsonlineGessner

MKT475 International MarketingSnyder   


Information Systems:

ISB101EMoore    ISB101Laberta    ISB101bVolonino  ISB101cVolonino  ISB211Garrity

ISB455Garrity    ISB460ComputerForensics   

MBA: Marketing and Information Systems:

MBA501Perkins  MBA506  MBA602ComputerForensics

MBA609CompetitiveITProjectManagement     MBA633GlobalLogistics

MBA630MarketingStrategyPeterHall     MBA634ConsumerBehaviorSnyder



Fall 2013, Marketing & Information Systems Course Offerings and Syllabi:


Sauer MKT 201D      Mary Owusu MKT 201                                                                     

Yim MKT 201E        Peter Hall MKT 201     Peter Hall MKT 201.excel      

Snyder MKT 320 Consumer Behavior                                                          

Gessner Cases in Marketing MKT 401A                                                                     

Gessner Cases in Marketing MKT 401B                                        

Yim Digital Marketing MKT 450        Wood Social Media Marketing MKT 392


Sauer New Product Strategy MBA 639

Sauer Marketing Strategy MBA 630

Gessner MBA 506 Marketing  

Snyder MBA MIB 636 Online International Marketing


Information Systems:

Moore ISB 101F        Volonino ISB 101B       Laberta ISB 101      

 Connolly ISB 101D                                                      

Volonino ISB 205                                                                           

Garrity:    ISB 340                                                                           

Szewczak ISB 350    Volonino ISB 470 CyberSecurity


 Moore, MIS, MBA 501                    Volonino, MBA 600 CyberSecurity

Szewczak MBA 501, one year program        MBA 501B Perkins