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Marketing & Information Systems Department


Fall 2017 (for Spring 2018 Advisement)

Marketing and Information Systems:

Note: If you started as a freshmen or transfer in Fall 2015, follow the 2015 and beyond curriculum)

Recommended Schedules for Marketing, Information Systems Minor (2015 and beyond)

The new digital Marketing sequence (elective courses)


Fashion Institute of Technology (concentration with Marketing major):

    Please see Dr. Greg Wood in Tower 502, 863-3881 (phone) and


Minors in Information Systems and Computer Forensics click here (prior to Fall 2015)


Faculty Advisors and contact information,

for Fall 2017, beginning August 28, 2017:

   Department Office, Tower 516, 888-2215;  Fall 2017: Office hours 8:30am - 12:30pm.


    Department Chair

    Dr. Greg Wood, Tower 502, 863-3881,


     Program Advisor: See Emmalee Stawicki, in Tower 406



    Faculty Advisors:

By Appointment:

    Dr. Edward Garrity, Tower 501, 888-2267,

    Dr. Guy Gessner, Tower 403, 888-2639,

    Dr. Paul Sauer, Tower 402, 888-2631,

    Dr. David Snyder, Tower 401, 888-2608,

    Dr. Greg Wood, Tower 502, 863-3881,



    Internships, Information:

Please register at College Central, right here. This link will be an aid for finding internships.

Student Internship Form, for credit, click here!

Please contact a faculty advisor for internship supervision.

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