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  Byung-Jay Kahng

Byung-Jay Kahng Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Canisius College
Buffalo, NY 14208


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Brief Biography

- I did my undergraduate studies at Seoul National University, Korea, and graduate work at University of California, Berkeley. My doctoral thesis advisor at Berkeley was Professor Marc A. Rieffel.

- Before coming to Canisius, I also held positions at University of California, Davis, at University of Kansas, and at University of Nevada. In addition, I visited many other places for mathematical research activities.

- During the year 2012/2013, I was a recipient of the Fulbright research abroad grant. With the grant, I spent my sabbatical leave at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Here is the webpage for the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program, and the one for a similar program for students: Fulbright U.S. Student Program. And, here is the webpage for Fulbright Belgium.

- Since 2015, I am serving as the chair of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Canisius College.

REU at Canisius

REU at Canisius announcement page (Title: Geometry and Physics on Graphs): Canisius Math department ran a summer REU (research experiences for undergraduates) program during years 2005 -- 2010. It was funded by the National Science Foundation. I was a co-PI for the program during years 2008 -- 2010.

Results from previous REU: Here are some of the results that were obtained during recent REU programs: Research Reports, Preprints, and Talk Slides, ...

Research Interests

Topics of my mathematical research interests are ...

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