Canisius College
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Buffalo, New York

Summer 2005 -- Summer 2010

    Geometry    and    Physics    on    Graphs    

   This REU program is currently on break. We may re-run the program at a future date.

   Over the six years (2005 -- 2010), the program carried out research projects centered around the study of graphs, with three types of projects:

   To find some (though not all) of the results obtained from the program (2008--2010), please visit:

REU results page

   See also the REU Canisius WIKI page for some other information (including the activities done and results/reports, etc.).

   Navigate below for the information on Projects, Support, Application, etc.

   (*) Applicants should have completed two years of undergraduate studies towards a major in mathematics, physics, or related fields, and to be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

   (*) The program is funded by the National Science Foundation with the assistance of Canisius College.
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