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Dr. L. Christine Kinsey




Title: Professor

Department: Mathematics & Statistics

Office: Science Hall 1033

Phone: (716) 888-2814

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Current courses, Fall 2013

MAT109: Calculus with Review I

MAT 150: Math and Politics

MAT 311: Abstract Algebra




Upcoming courses, Spring 2014

MAT 150: Math and Politics

HON 346: Mathematical Literature and Literary Mathematics (joint with Dr. Rita Capezzi from the English Department): In this honors seminar we will explore some writers who used mathematics and mathematical structures in their works. Among these writers are Raymond Queneau, Georges Perec, Italo Calvino, Tom Stoppard, Claude Berge, and other members of the Oulipo group.



MAT 380-381-480: Mathematics Seminar

This series of 1-credit seminars is taken during the junior and senior years. They have been approved for Oral Communication credit. In these courses, students are required to attend all of the talks given by the seniors in MAT480 as well as occasional talks given by faculty and visitors. They also meet once a week with the faculty supervisor and discuss and evaluate these seminars. In addition, students will prepare and present at least two 10-minute talks or one 20-minute talk accompanied by a written paper covering the topic in more detail. These talks are to be given to the other students in their section in MAT380-381 and to the whole department in MAT480. Students will be instructed on information literacy as it applies to mathematics and statistics and will develop skills in reading mathematics and in presentation of ideas. Technical tools will be demonstrated and the students will begin to use them, such as PowerPoint and Beamer for presentations, LaTeX for writing complex mathematical expressions, and Mathematica, MATLAB, Maple, and Geometer's Sketchpad for computation and graphics. In addition, professional topics will be discussed, such as careers in mathematics, graduate study, the GRE's, actuarial exams, and the procedure for applying to summer research programs and graduate schools.

For more information, see Seminar resources.



Topology of Surfaces, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics, Springer-Verlag, 1993:

A text suitable for a sophomore-junior course in topology, including an introduction to point-set topology, geometric topology of surfaces, and algebraic topology in the form of integer homology groups.


Table of Contents for Topology of Surfaces


Symmetry, Shape, and Space (with Teresa Moore of Ithaca College), originally from Key College Press, 2000, now published by John Wiley & Sons: A text suitable for a liberal arts mathematics course or a course in geometry for elementary education majors or students of the arts.


Table of Contents for Symmetry, Shape, and Space


Geometry and Symmetry (with Teresa Moore of Ithaca College and Efstratios Prassidis of Canisius College and University of the Aegean), John Wiley & Sons, 2011: a textbook for a junior-senior level geometry course for mathematics and math education majors, including classical euclidean and non-euclidean geometry as well as symmetries and transformation geometry.


Table of Contents for Geometry and Symmetry


Recent Papers


A Bass-Heller-Swan Formula for Pseudoisotopies, with Efstratios Prassidis, Geometriae Dedicata 148(2010), pp. 263-289.


A Survey of High School Mathematics Teachers from Erie County: Impressions and Suggestions for Support, with Barbara Burns, New York State Mathematics Teacher Journal, 2011.


Narrative Structure in Inquiry-Based Learning, with Teresa Moore of Ithaca College,  submitted.


Joining "the mathematician's delirium to the poet's logic": Constrained Writing and Interdisciplinary Teaching in the Canisius College All-College Honors Program, with Rita Capezzi of the English Department at Canisius College, submitted.