The CAC program will be hiring Canisius students to serve as speakers and public educators at our local zoological institutions over the coming summer.  The CAC students will make formal presentations, provide interactive programs, and conduct guided tours. 


  • Employment will be 20 hours per week.     

  • The period of employment will be for ten weeks, from late June to late August.

  • This is paid position, at a rate of $10 per hour.   


The candidates will be selected based upon the following factors:

  • public presentations skills, especially as pertains to children

  • commitment to wildlife conservation as a goal and the ability to express that commitment in words

  • knowledge of wildlife biology and animal behavior, especially as it pertains to the zoo animals to be covered

  • evidence of reliability and good performance during past employment

  • evidence of academic excellence

Candidates will be selected independently of the other branches of the CAC program.  That is, students who have participated in other aspects of CAC are eligible to apply, but this is neither required or expected.   

Applicable Dates:

  • Mar 23  Written Applications Due

  • Mar 24-26  Live Tryouts

  • Mar 27  Decisions Announced

Click below to download an application.  Return completed forms to DrN in the ABEC office (HSC201). 

Application Form

Best of luck to everyone who applies!



Contact Info: Michael Noonan, PhD, Canisius College , 2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208