CAC Flyways

This branch of CAC offers an opportunity to promote the preservation of wildlife in Western New York. The focus is on the wonder of birds and on the importance of wetlands in avian migration.  If this sounds as good to you as it does to us, then try out for a position on this year’s CAC Flyways team!

Participation will be limited to six Canisius College students, specially selected for this program.   See application details below.

In the Spring 2016 semester, the students will enroll in a one-credit section of ABEC490.  On one afternoon per week in March and April, participants will receive academic training, and will participate in program development/rehearsal. 

Then, for five days per week during the period 16 May 2016 to 17 June 2016, the CAC team will host groups of middle school children at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge (INWR). Our CAC program at INWR will consists of three parts:

  • Power Birding along an elevated boardwalk in the wetlands. This combines opportunistic bird watching with scripted lessons about wetlands ecology.
  • Picnic Lunch in which our CAC college students serve as role models for the middle schoolers.
  • Ecology Games in which the students show their mastery over the lessons learned. These are fun interactive games that lights up with smiling faces and excitement.


All expenses will be covered by the CAC program, including transportation to and from INWR.

Each participant will receive $1000 for their five weeks of service at INWR.


This program is open to students from all academic years and from all academic majors.


The application process involves the following three stages:

  1. Written applications involve the completion of short essays. The application form can be assessed online by clicking on the link below. These written applications are due no later than 10 February 2016.
  2. Live tryouts will take place 18-19 February 2016.  This will consist of delivering brief presentations, targeted toward children, that convey lessons about wildlife and conservation.
  3. The CAC Flyways award announcements will be made on 26 February 2016.


Six students will be selected for this special CAC project.  Good luck to all who apply!

Application Form


Contact Info: Michael Noonan, PhD, Canisius College , 2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208