CACFrequently Asked Questions

The CAC program seems different from past years.  Is that true?

Yes, the CAC program is constantly evolving, and it does differ from year to year. 

Question:  Is the program limited to students enrolled in certain years, majors or programs?

No.  All Canisius students are eligible and encouraged to apply.  We want students from diverse majors and from all class years. 

Question:  I am not from Western New York and I do not ordinarily stay in the Buffalo area during the summer.  Will it be possible for me to participate?

For some branches of CAC participation does require a presence during the certain time periods.  After that, a presence in WNY is not required. 

Question:  Can I participate if I am a senior?

Yes, no problem.  However, please note part of the INWR program will conflict with some activities during "senior week."  If you will be involved in that branch of CAC, the wetlands presentations must take priority. 

Question:  Can I participate if I am a graduate student at Canisius?

Yes, all the same rules and expectations apply. 

Question:  Is it possible to participate in one branch of CAC and not the others?

Yes, definitely.  Most participants will do that.

Question:  Is it possible to participate in more than one branch of CAC in the same year?

Also yes, definitely.  The application for each branch of the program is separate and independent of the others.

Question:  There is an application process?

Yes.  Spaces in each branch of CAC are limited, and the program is selective.  There is a separate application process for each branch of the CAC program. 


Contact Info: Michael Noonan, PhD, Canisius College , 2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208