Axelrod, S., Noonan, M. & Atanacio, B.  On the laterality of psychogenic somatic symptoms.  Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 1980, 168, 517-525.

Abstract:  Tabulation of cases reported in the literature of unilateral psychogenic somatic symptoms revealed that more symptoms were on the left side of the body than on the right; this result, although falling short of statistical significance, is consistent with recent reviews of hospital records by Stern and by Galin et al.  A review of organic diseases and traumata for which lateral preferences have been reported, and a retrospective study of hospital emergency room records, provided no evidence for the hypothesis that the left-sided predominance of psychogenic symptoms is underlain by a generalized greater vulnerability of the left side to organic pathologies.  The status of three other explanations for the asymmetrical incidence of psychogenic symptoms is discussed. 

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