Cross Country Skiing in Western New York


Cross Country skiing is a big part of winter life in Western NY for me.

I do quite a bit of skiing just around the neighborhood, including in an old quarry near the house. Someday, Iíll get around to putting more on this page.

If you are a Canisius person of one sort or another and are interested in doing some skiing, get in touch. There are gear rentals available locally.

There are a lot of nice ski areas, particularly south of Buffalo. Here are a few of my favorites:


Elma Meadows-This is a golf course in the summer. It now has two

trail loops, with a total of 8k of trails. Nicely hilly

terrain, good for beginners, gentle,open hills. It is

very open terrain, not a good choice when it is windy. Rice Road in West Seneca.

Chestnut Ridge-There is a trail loop back through the woods. Long,

gentle, twisting downhill runs. Not scary, a real hoot. Maybe 3k. You can also ski over much of the rest of the park.


Hunterís Creek-Out in Wales, past East Aurora. Isolated area, nice

trails, very hilly. Off of Route 20A, on Hunterís Creek road.


Sprague Book-Well out on Route 240 in Colden. Worth the trip, very

nice trail, wide, through woods. Some downhills, but not intimidating.


Emery Park- Wonderful trails, in the woods, very fast, turning through

trees. Can be a bit alarming, the whole trail system may not be for everyone. Plenty of open space off trail though. The south side of the park is open to snowmobilers, but has some nice, open trails. Emory Road, East Aurora.

Beaver Meadows Nature Center-Iíve never actually skiied there, just hiked, but they have a lot

of nice trails across the road from the building. Gotta try it sometime. They also have snowshoeing, including rentals.Java Center NY, drive out route 77, watch for signs.


Alleghany State Park-Has a really huge trail system. Iíve only done

parts of it, once. Nice hiking trails Salamanca NY.


Byrnecliff Golf Course/resort/skiing-This is out along route 20A a ways, in Varysburg???

Noteable for having night-time, lighted trails. They do charge a fee. Never actually

been there myself, it's included only for completeness.


Letchworth State Park-One of my all-time favorite places to hike or kayak, but the skiing loop

wasn't much to write home about. Not worth the drive out purely for skiing.