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Please use IMP8 if you are running Windows 7 or 8, or Mac OSX 10.9 or higher.  



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IMP7 will run under Windows XP and later, but Microsoft is dropping support for all Windows XP products, including the Windows XP compatability mode in other versions of Windows, so IMP7 is orphaned, along with a lot of other products.




Installation (Windows):


a.)   Contact me to get a copy of the password for MCRInstaller.


b.)   Create a directory on your hard drive,  so that it appears as C:\IMP7



c.)   Download MCRInstaller into your C:\IMP7 directory.


d.)   Expand MCRInstaller in this directory, by running it.  It will install the Matlab components needed

to run the IMP7 modules.


e.)   Download IMP7 programs/modules as desired, and load them into the directory C:\IMP7\V78\bin\win32.


f.)    Run the files from this directory


Alternatively, you can also include the directory C:\IMP7\V78\bin\win32 in the PATH variable on your computer, and then the IMP7 programs can be installed and run from anywhere on your computer.



MCRInstaller download-Windows Version



Available Programs:





CoordGen7a                11/30/11          Windows version-includes TMorphGen and SemiLand, called      

                                                                                          from within CoordGen7 –now includes Procrustes SP

                                                                                                Minor bug fixes on 10/24/11, variance by LM search


CVAGen 7b                10/3/11            Windows version of the CVAGen program- with single factor MANOVA


DisparityBox7                        9/2/10              Disparity Box tool for Disparity/Variance Calculation


LMEdit7                     6/07/11            Landmark and data set editor


MakeFan7                   12/27/10          Windows Version


MatchMaker7             6/07/11            Searches for “matches” in shape databases based on a

                                                            Stated measurement resolution-meant for forensics


PCAGen7a                  11/30/11          PCAGen –PCA of shape data


PCAGen7SP               12/12/11          PCAGen variant using Procrustes SP (size-preserving) superimpositions

                                                            Meant for forensic applications.


PLSMaker7                 5/20/12                        Partial Least Squares Analysis of Shape Data


PLSAngle7                  6/07/11            Angular comparisons of PLS axes and PCA axes


RegPac7                      9/2/10              Regression of shape data

     Regression7a          10/25/11          Regress7a- highly revised user interface


Standard7                    9/2/10              Standardization program, for residual analysis


TwoGroup7                9/2/10              Pairwise comparisons of populations


VecCompare7             9/2/10              Growth Vector Comparison


VecLand7                    9/2/10              Growth Vector Comparison plots


Vis_Proto7                  5/20/12            Visual Protocol Editor






DisparityBox3D         4/15/10            Windows Version of Disparity Box in 3D


MatchMaker3D7        6/07/11            3D version of the MatchMaker matching program.


PLS3D7                      5/20/12            Partial Least Squares in 3D


Simple3D                    12/18/09          Windows Version of Simple3d, file converter, F-tests, Variance


ThreeDCVA               12/09/09          Windows Version, CVA of 3D landmark data


ThreeDPCA                12/18/09          Windows Versions, PCA of 3D landmark data


ThreeDRegress7         6/07/11            Windows Version, Regression of 3D landmark data


ThreeDPLS7               6/07/11            Windows Version, Partial Least Squares of 3D landmark data


WireMan7                   5/20/12            Windows version, utility tool for creating 3D wireframe

                                                            Files for use with other 3D tools.


Mac Versions


The Mac versions require OS 10.6.0 or higher, and currently do not have a copy to clipboard function (yes, that’s a big hassle).   However the “Grab” utility in the Mac OS can be used to grab images on the screen.   Mac versions will save png, jpg, eps, tiff, etc files as well, including the SVG format as used by Inkscape.


Mac Installation:


1.)   Contact me for the user name and password.

2.)   Create a folder called IMP7 on your hard-drive somewhere.

3.)   Download CoordGenMac7a into this folder and unzip it.

4.)   In the directory CoordGenMac7a created by the unzip, will be a copy of MCRInstaller for the Mac.

Unzip it.

5.)   Run the MCRInstaller package once it is unzipped, accepting the default options.

6.)   Check to see that CoordGenMac7a will now run.  It will start somewhat slowly.

7.)   Subsequent IMP programs can simply be downloaded and expanded into the IMP7 folder.


2D Software


CoordGenMac7a – updated 10/24/11- minor bug fixes, includes variance by LM, Procrustes SP tools


CVAGenMac7b  - 11/23/11 Update, with 1 Factor MANOVA




LMeditMac7 – 10/25/11- Landmark and data set editor


MakeFanMac7- 2/29/2012- Tool for placing guide fans on images for semi-landmark digitization





PCAGenMac7a – 3/25/12-PCA, has minor alterations on 3/25/12


PCAGenMac7SP- size and shape PCA, 12/12/11


PLSMaker       5/20/12 -   2D Partial Least Squares


RegressMac7- updated as of 8/16/2013



VecCompareMac7 –updated 10/5/2013


VisProtoMac7a           5/20/12                        Visual Protocol Editor


3D Software (Mac)


PLS3D7                                  5/20/12- PLS in 3D for Mac


Simple3DMac7-                     11/3/11 -File conversion, pairwise F-tests, distance matrices


ThreeDPCAMac7-                 11/3/11 -PCA in 3D for the Mac


ThreeDRegressMac7-             11/3/11- Regression,



WireMan7                               5/20/12- Windows version, utility tool for creating 3D wireframe

                                                            Files for use with other 3D tools.





Workshop files for American Society of Mammalogists Mtg, June 2013


Example Data


Lectures for Workshop