Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Arts
Expected Graduation: May 2021
Extracurriculars and Club Leadership:
    Canisius College Blue and Gold Brigade:
      President: (2019-present)
      PR Head + Vice President: (2018-2019)
    FUSION Gaming Society:
      PR Team (2019-present)
      Admin (2018-2019)

Relevant Course Work:
    DMA 212: 2D Graphics
    DMA 213: 3D Graphics
    DMA 214: Digital Design Concepts
    DMA 217: Interaction Design
    DMA 218: Motion Graphics
    COM 211: Intro to Integrated Marketing Communications
    COM 311: Principles of Advertising


Graphic Design and Communications Summer Intern:
Elmwood Village Association: Summer 2019
  • Used Constant Contact to create and send weekly newsletters. Mostly templates were used, however tweaks were made using HTML and CSS.
  • Used Adobe Software to create graphics for social media and physical marketing materials, including posters, signboards, and more.
  • Made social media campaigns to promote Elmwood Village events and the association itself. The key event I worked on was the Elmwood Village Association summer concert series.

  • Freelance Graphic Designer
    Summer 2019 - Present
  • I have made my own personal brand, including this site.
  • Created various logos for local businesses and school clubs.
  • Made a podcast cover for an up and coming health broadcaster.
  • Will soon be beginning work on the Buffalo GAYMERS social media pages.

     Software with Proficiency   Software with Familiarity   Known Coding Languages
    Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere HTML
    Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects CSS
    Adobe Indesign Autodesk Maya Java
    Constant Contact Cinema 4D JQuery
    Mailchimp Unity
    Microsoft Suite
    (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)