Faculty Events

While students are holding meetings and negotiating new EU policies, faculty advisors plan future events and enjoy their own rewarding academic and social program.

Faculty advisors meet over the course of the four days to talk about possible themes for future EuroSims, locations, and other logistical issues. Any issues or problems within the current EuroSim are also discussed.

Research is also a topic of conversation among faculty at EuroSim. In the past, faculty members have been invited to share their research with colleagues, and guest speakers have added to the ongoing conversation. EuroSim also allows faculty to collaborate on common research areas. Peter Bursens at the University of Antwerp and Becky Jones at Widener University presented a paper on learning outcomes and assessment using EuroSim as a case study at the 2010 SENT conference in Rome. The paper has been turned into a book chapter as well and will be presented at the University of Mainz in September 2013.

EuroSim faculty are also active in the European Union Studies Association (EUSA) and present research papers ranging from policy studies to teaching the EU at every association meeting.

In addition, faculty are able to spend time enjoying each other's company at the faculty dinners, as well as enjoying the sights and culture of the host universtiy and city. EuroSim 2011 featured a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to view the special exhibition of Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion, followed by a guided tour of the highlights of the museum's collection. In Wroclaw, faculty were treated to a walking tour of that city and a tour of the Ossolineum Library, the country's oldest still-running publishing house and one of its largest library collections. At EuroSim 2013, faculty visited one of the original resorts in the Pocono Mountains.