EuroSim themes and locations/hosts

1988Turkey/application for accession (SUNY Brockport)
1989Austria/application for accession (SUNY Brockport)
1990Economic and Monetary Union (SUNY Brockport)
1991European Economic Area (SUNY Brockport)
1992Common Foreign and Security Policy (Luxembourg)
1993Immigration (SUNY Brockport)
1994 EMU (Luxembourg)
1995Inter-governmental Conference (SUNY Brockport)
1996Social Policy (Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium)
1997IGC/Employment, Second Track CFSP (European Council) (SUNY Brockport)
1998Regional Policy (Brussels)
1999Justice and Home Affairs in the Amsterdam Treaty (SUNY Brockport)
2000CFSP and IGC/Institutional Reform in Preparation for Enlargement
(University of Economics--VSE, Prague, Czech Republic)
2001European Food Authority (SUNY Fredonia)
2002Enlargement Negotiations; European Security and Defense Policy
(University of Economics--VSE, Prague, Czech Republic)
2003Constitutional Convention (SUNY Fredonia)
2004IGC-Constitutional Treaty (Tilburg University, Netherlands)
2005European Neighborhood Policy (SUNY Fredonia)
2006Asylum Policy (University of Economics--VSE, Prague, Czech Republic)
2007Energy Policy (Canisius College, Buffalo, NY)
2008CFSP/Kosovo (European Academy-University of Trier, Germany)
2009Fighting Crime & Terrorism under the Lisbon Treaty (Canisius College)
2010EU-Russia Relations (University of Antwerp)
2011Cohesion Policy (Widener University, Chester, PA)
2012Common European Asylum Policy (University of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw, Poland)
2013Theme TBA (East Stroudsburg University, PA)
2014Theme TBA (University of Twente, Netherlands