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Sustainability and Climate Change Teaching

Global Climate Change and Sustainability

Extreme US Heat Map to 2050

Global Climate Change: This report is so important it must be listed here

My Executive Summary: National Climate Plans are inadequate to meet the Paris Agreement. WRI’s State of NDCs finds that national climate plans will reduce global emissions 7% below 2019 levels by 2030, when achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement requires that emissions drop 43%. The current NDCs call for priority adaptation actions, but only 39% of the countries include time frames for action and only 13% list targets or indicators. My overall comment: we need a paradigm shift from a sole focus on national competition to modified competition with global cooperation.

Global Climate Change: How politics affects our ability to have a decent future, especially for young adults less than 50 yrs old

Overfishing summarized, explained, a great indicator of Global Sustainability, 5 stars

     Topics:   Systems Thinking & System Dynamics.    The Elephant in the Room

Penn 1.5C minute talks on Climate Change, really 1.5 degrees

Climate Change Dialogue, Yale University Director

 Sustainability          Global Climate Change

Business Schools with a Sense of Purpose, The Greater Good:

 Climate Change across the political spectrum: gaming


Unsustainable consumption coupled with the already record size of the human population and the uses of inappropriate technologies are causally linked with the destruction of the world’s sustainability and resilience and the loss of millions of species of the organisms on which we depend directly for life, as well as the widening inequalities of wealth and income in many societies. - Pope Francis

the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 10th item from the link below:
All stakeholders, including governments, business, and civil society, should promote the education of today’s young people in the sciences and ethical values of integral human development and sustainable development. All educational institutions should strive to update their curricula and teaching programs to educate young people in these great challenges. COP22 Final Statement, Vatican

The good news is that such transformative change, with social and ecological justice, promises greater human wellbeing in the long-run than business as usual. We believe that prospects will be greatest if policy makers and the rest of humanity promptly respond to our warning and declaration of a climate emergency, and act to sustain life on planet Earth, our only home.

The above statement from the latest Warning to Humanity from Scientists from around the world

Science Communication on Climate Change and the Science of Communication of Climate Change
Yale University Climate Communication site
Science Denial

Science as objective support for policy

Universities have not addressed how we can transform economy and society fast enough to achieve Climate Goals: A Researcher's View, graphic is from Nature journal
See Three years to safeguare our climate
An alternative view: Trump's View
Wehle School of Business, Sustainability Definition: Wehle School of Business View

Global Movement Organization, Sustainability:Global Movement, Business Education
World Resources Institute, likelihood to meet climate targets if we go all inWorld Resources Institute: Going all in, what will it take to make goals?

Educational Technology Problems!

Computer Gaming (Decision Support Systems, Management Flight Simulators)

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Alumni profile: Vladimir Lukic

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Climate Interactive site

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  Recent Research, pdf version:Climate Change and Precautionary Policy: Insights from Small Prototype Models

Recent Research, pdf version: Transforming Business Education It`s about Time: A Systems Perspective on Incorporating Climate Change, Sustainability, and the Care for Our Common Future

Recent Research: Transforming Business Education It`s about Time: A Systems Perspective on Incorporating Climate Change, Sustainability, and the Care for Our Common Future

Recent Research: Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQ), Rebuilding Fisheries and Short-termism: How Biased Reasoning Impacts Management

Recent Research: Book Chapter on: Using Systems Thinking to Understand and Enlarge Mental Models: Helping the Transition to a Sustainable World

Recent Research: Using Systems Thinking to Understand and Enlarge Mental Models: Helping the Transition to a Sustainable World

  Recent Research: Tragedy of the Commons, Business Growth and the Fundamental Sustainability Problem

Recent Research: Ocean Fisheries Management & System Dynamics

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2019 Proceedings Business Research Consortium of WNY: Biased Reasoning and Risk Assessment Impacts Sustainability in Common Pool Resources &

2017 Proceedings Business Research Consortium of WNY: Mental Models and Biased Information Processing &

Recent Research: Exploring Solutions to Global Environmental Problems: The Case of Fisheries Management ... Ocean Fisheries Management and use of ITQ and participation to increase psychological ownership and stewardship behavior & System Dynamics

            Validated Information Systems Instruments

Climate Interactive Scoreboards


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