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Neptune is the furthest planet from the Sun. It is a large, watery planet with a blue-colored atmosphere. Neptune is known for its stormy and violent weather, such as high winds and hurricanes. The hurricanes move across Neptune's surface and create a "Great Dark Spot" on the surface of the planet. Neptune has six rings and 13 known moons.

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Neptune Facts


-353 degrees

Size (Diameter)

30,599 miles


4.5 billion years old

Length of Rotation

16 hours, 7 minutes

Length of Revolution around the Sun

60,190 days (164.79 earth years)

Did you know?

Just like Earth, Neptune has an axis and experiences seasons. Neptune's axis is tilted at 28 degrees. However, Neptune's seasons last more than 40 years each. This is because it takes a very long time for Neptune to complete its orbit around the sun!

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Neptune takes the longest amount of time to complete its orbit around the sun.

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