Classwide Peer Tutoring

What is ClassWide Peer Tutoring (CWPT)?

ClassWide Peer Tutoring (CWPT) is a time tested, research proven, effective program that enhances the acquisition of academic skills. The traditional CWPT program is a systematic and fun instructional strategy that actively engages an entire classroom of students at the same time. CWPT is a comprehensive procedure that is based on reciprocal peer tutoring and group reinforcement to accelerate the process of learning and practicing basic academic skills.

Who can benefit from CWPT?

The CWPT program was originally developed and used with special education students in their mainstream classrooms. It was very evident early on that the procedures were not only effective for the targeted students, but for the entire classroom of students regardless of their ability levels. Thus, CWPT has been researched and proven effective with the following student populations:

peer-tutoring.jpg How is CWPT different from other traditional classroom instruction?

In traditional classroom instruction, the teacher is the main content delivery person, and the basic content delivery system is through teacher lecture and passive student learning and exposure. In a CWPT classroom, the students become the content delivery persons for one another, an active multi-modality delivery system drives the one-to-one practice sessions, and students are provided with numerous opportunities to respond directly with the content being learned. CWPT provides: One-to-one student pairs to teach and help each other learn, an opportunity for students to earn points and be reinforced for learning, a systematic game format that promotes self-improvement and enhances both class competition and social skills, an immediate feedback system that attempts to achieve "errorless" learning, and routine assessment evaluations to monitor and maintain both class and individual academic gains and progress.


What are the benefits of CWPT?

CWPT benefits for the classroom teacher include (but are not limited to):

CWPT benefits for students include (but are not limited to):


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Here's a link to commercially available products that follow the procedures laid out in Classwide Peer Tutoring.

Directions to Prepare for CWPT in your classroom: