All About Earth Day! What is Earth Day?

Earth Day first started on April 22, 1970.  Since then, every April 22 is when Earth Day is celebrated. We take this day to remember how important the Earth is to us. We should keep our planet and environment clean and respect it so that we can live on the planet for many years to come. But we should respect our environment everyday, and make an extra effort on Earth Day!



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Global Warming

The planet rises about 1˚F every year and scientists think that this is due to human impact. When we don't respect our environment, the environment changes for the worst. When the temperature is warmer, it makes the ice melt, leaving no place for arctic animals to live, it causes less rainfall, rise in the sea level and harms plants, animals and wildlife. Our carbon footprint is the carbon dioxide released into the environment from our ever day activities such as driving. This term can also be called "greenhouse gases". These activities that are from our carbon footprint add to global warming.  



Here is a video about global warming:


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Pollution makes people, animals and plants sick and can even kill them. Humans are the cause of pollution by putting harmful toxins and chemicals into our environment. We need to reduce our pollution to make the future better for everyone. Some pollution you can see, such as smoke from factories, but sometimes you can't see it at all. On Earth Day we can take time to ride our bike, walk or ride in the car with others to cause less pollution.



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Weather Change

We can change the earth's climate from the greenhouse gases. We change the climate and environment through industrial practices. When people began using machines, automobiles and factories, it changed the way we live. Before this period called the industrial revolution, very little pollution was released into theillustratie-illustration_vervuiling-pollution-auto-car-maan-moon-450x225.jpg atmosphere. This is because we are using more fossil fuels and deforestation, which is causing harm to the atmosphere and making the air warmer. Things that cause the weather change are watching television, playing video games, using the microwave, using the washing machine, the dryer and riding in the car. This Earth Day, try not to watch as much television, turn off the lights when you aren't using them and ride your bike instead of riding in the car.



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Animal Population

The greenhouse gases are causing the earth to get too warm for the animals to live.   Many of the species of plants and animals are becoming endangered because of global warming. Most of the animals aren't fit for the warmer weather change, which is making them try to move north, toward the colder weather. The warmer weather increases water temperature too. This is harming the life of the animalshttp:// that live in and near the water. Polar ice caps are beginning to shrink, killing animals like polar bears and penguins. The picture shows a polar bear stuck in the middle of the ocean on a glacier because the ice is melting. We don't want this to happen to all of the polar animals! We want to take care of our environment so we dedicate Earth Day to remember to keep the planet clean for ourselves and the animals living here.



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Why keep the Earth clean? We need to protect our environment and appreciate nature in order to keep it healthy.  With out a healthy environment, we can all get sick and it hurts the plants and the animals that live on it!  If we want to have the planet stay for many years to come, we need to keep it clean and healthy, just like we keep ourselves clean and healthy. If we don't respect our environment, the animals can start to die and some day the planet might not exist with too much pollution and harm.



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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

If we reduce, reuse and recycle the things we use, we can help keep the environment clean and healthy!

Reduce means to use less of something. We can use less energy and save electricity by remembering to turn off the lights, the television or anything else in your house. We can use less plastic by asking for paper bags in the store, buying water bottles that reduced the plastic used to make it and we can make sure to recycle plastics instead of throwing them out.

Reuse is when we use things more than one time.  We can reuse by finding other uses for the items or passing them on to someone else to use. When you go to a grocery store you can use cloth bags and use the same bags every time you go. You can have a yard sale so people can reuse your unwanted things or you can donate your old items!


Recycle means to save and take reusable items to be made into new materials instead of just throwing them away and letting them sit in a landfill. You can recycle many plastic items, tin cans, paper, cardboard, old electronics, glass, magazines, oil, paint, chemicals and batteries just to name a few.


This video will help you to remember the 3 R's-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


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Biodegradable are materihttp:// and items that will break down into the earth with out hurting the earth. Many of these materials can help fertilize soil and nourish plants. Things like banana peels, apple cores and other things that originally came from the earth are biodegradable. Don't throw anything out into the yard or fields that are going to cause harm to the environment on Earth Day and every day!


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Conserve means to save or reduce on harmful materials for the environment. Using less of harmful items for the planet is called conserving. You can conserve energy by turning things off and unplugging things when you are done with them. You can conserve water by taking shorter showers, or turning the water off when you brush your teeth.




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What Can I Do To Help?

You can help save our environment and keep it healthy by going green! This means respecting our environment by conserving, using the 3 R's and just by caring for our planet. We can do this every single day and pay extra attention to it on Earth Day!



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