QR Codes

QR tutorial.jpg What are they?

QR codes are 2 dimensional computer-generated codes that can be scanned and read by mobile devices (with cameras) or webcams.


There are many ways that QR Codes can be used in a classroom. In regards to assessment, here are just a few ideas:

Creating a QR Code

Step 1:  

You can generate QR codes by using an application or a website. If you want to use a mobile device (such as an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad2, there are free apps to let you create them). If you want to create them from your computer, here are some sites you should try:

These two sites will even let you make QR codes in different colors!!


All you have to do is input the web address of what you want the QR code to bring up and it will appear when scanned with a QR reader.


Step 2: Save the QR code as a picture/graphic on your device/computer. You can then insert the image in a word document to distribute.


It is so simple: Even a primary level student can use it. Watch!

Why is this beneficial to ALL learners?

QR Codes can be used easily by a number of students. Instead of having to type in long web addresses, students can simply scan a QR code. Many students benefit from immediate feedback on their performance; QR codes as answer keys can help in that regard. Teachers can also use QR codes to share additional information to make a worksheet come alive. Many students will benefit from hearing a video about a certain topic and the inclusion of a QR code could really help more students have access to the info.


More QR Resources:


Look how two WNY schools are using QR Codes in their schools:


Using QR Codes on iPhone or iPod touch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VliB7EcGWI&feature=related