glogster_cost.jpg What is it?

GlogsterEDU allows you to create "interactive posters" to communicate ideas. Students can embed media links, sound, video, and then share their posters with friends.Glogster EDU is a secure learning polaftorm for teachers and students (Glogster is for people not in education and it is not secure. It may even be blocked in some schools).


Why is this beneficial to ALL learners

It is a unique tol that allows students to communicate their learning as well as their creativity. Students can find videos and images to demonstrate their knowledge and they can record their own voice explaining the content. It allows for much student choice and can easily be shared.








How to Create a Glog:

Here's how a fourth grade teacher used glogster in her classroom for social studies. GREAT ideas!:

Here is a link to a website where a teacher posted all of her students' glogs:


Here's a glog of the best science glogs: