What is it?

Educreations is an application available on the internet and it is also a mobile app available on mobile devices such as iPads, iPods, iPhones. It can be used by teachers and students to explain anything (homework assignments, content, lessons that were taught, etc.) and students can access it whenever they need it via a teacher's website or channel on Educreations. Students can also use this tool to show their reasoning or their processes in solving a problem.

Here's a link to the FREE app for your apple mobile device:

(Sorry, the app is not available for Android devices right now.)


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Here is an example of a teacher creating a screencast of video to explain the math concept of fractions.

Here is an example of how a teacher helped students understand their homework regarding identifying details in a paragraph:


Teachers have also used it to have students read their own stories:


Here is an link to a teacher's lessons/homeowrk explanations:

Why is this beneficial for ALL learners:

Students can use them to help them understand content but they can also create them for their classmates to help them with their understanding. Teachers could require students explain their reasoning and show their work and talk through it. Some students may be better able to explain themselves by verbally explaining their thoughts or processes and this allows them to do that and capture if for the teacher or any others.

More information:

Frequently Asked Questions about Educreations:

Here's a video tutorial on how to use it in the iPad:

If you want more bells and whistles and are willing to pay a bit more, check out the Explain Everything App:

you also might want to try out Dabbleboard (