Core Revision has been underway at Canisius since 1989-90. I have personally served on committees for Core Revision since the Spring of 1991. There is a lot to say about how the process has gone--much too much to fit on this page. I'll have to learn how to construct a link to another document or set of documents. The final element of the revision took effect in the fall of 1996, when all students were required to take two courses that deal in some way with international and/or cultural diversity.

In my unofficial view, the purpose of the Core Curriculum is to produce graduates who can deal with the full scope of the Western intellectual tradition.  All of our undergrads are required to have some familiarity with the natural sciences, the human sciences, philosophy, religious studies, literature, history, modern languages, and mathematics.  The distribution of courses represents a classical Jesuit emphasis on philosophy and theology.

"The true goal of a Catholic graduate's career should not be the accumulation of great wealth but the rendering of great service" (Rev. Francis O'Malley, SJ, President of Canisius College, 1937-41).