In 1993, I read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

The story of how Hitler came to power in one of the great cultures of Europe made me realize that the United States has not solved the problems that led to Europe's self-destruction; we just have not yet faced those circumstances. Just as the German people allowed a despicable philosophy to triumph over their better nature, so may we.

For five years, I regularly prayed the rosary outside the abortio clinic on Main Street here in Buffalo. I then became involved in St. Aloysius parish and RC models, both of which competed for my weekend time.

From the late 90s until the winter of 2005, I also said a monthly pro-life Mass at St. Catherine of Siena in West Seneca.

I am now one of the faculty moderators for the Canisius Students for Life.

There is an excellent pamphlet available at which details the alternatives to abortion in this area. Men and women who have unexpectedly become parents do have choices. There are many people who are willing and able to help the new parents to choose life for their unborn son or daughter.

I also am a cousin-in-law of the daughter of the founder of Birthright International, which provides non-judgmental support for expectant mothers.