BIO166: Biology of Birds
(generally offered during the spring semester of odd years)

Birds are everywhere.  Because they are obvious (they sing), they are active during the day, and there are more than 200 species commonly seen in this area, birds are a great way to study nature and natural processes.  Biology of Birds was developed to allow non-science majors an opportunity to learn about birds.  The class covers a variety of topics including: evolution, anatomy and how structure relates to function, flight, communication, reproduction, and migration.  During the class, students also learn to identify the most common species of birds by sight and a few by sound. We take several field trips during the semester, both during class time and on a few weekends.

This class can be used to fulfill requirements for the Canisius Core Curriculum and/or the Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation Major at Canisius.

Contact Info: Sara Morris, PhD, Canisius College , 2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208