BIO320: Field Ecology
(generally offered during the fall semester of even years)

Field Ecology focuses on collecting, analyzing, and reporting data collected in the field.  Students learn a variety of field techniques for sampling plants, insects, and vertebrates. Labs include extensive field work at a variety of local sites including Tifft Nature Preserve, Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve, Como Lake Park, and Beaver Island State Park.  Students are also introduced to the use of GIS in field biology.  In addition to the field techniques that students learn, they are also expected to relate field data to ecological processes.  Students write their own lab reports and are expected to critically read scientific literature that presents field data using the techniques we have used.

This class is required for the Environmental Science Major and  can be used to fulfill requirements for the Biology Major (Track 2) and/or the Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation Major at Canisius.


Contact Info: Sara Morris, PhD, Canisius College , 2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208