Science Scholars

I am running a new program called the Canisius Science Scholars.  This program is a learning community for  biology, environmental science, and/or ABEC majors.  There will be 8 students selected from the class of 2014 and 8 students selected from the class of 2015.  The students who are chosen for the program will receive $10,000 of scholarship money from the National Science Foundation as part of their financial aid package for their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Students who are interested in this program should complete an application by April 18. Applications are available on Dr. Morris's door or may be downloaded here .

If you have questions, check the list of frequently asked questions below.  If you still have questions, please contact Dr. Morris at 888-2567 or at

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible?
This program is open to freshmen majoring in Biology, Environmental Science, or ABEC who have at least a 3.0 QPA and qualify for $10,000 of financial aid.  Students planning to attend medical school are not eligible, but those intending to attend graduate school are.

Why should I apply?
This program will look great on a resume, it will provide a big part of a student's financial aid package, and students will also have access to a variety of other opportunities, including funding to attend 2 scientific conferences.

What will I have to do?
Students in the program will have to participate in a lunch bunch (lunch provided by the program) once a month to talk about science, there will be a social event planned by the students once each semester, students will be able to invite a seminar speaker for the junior seminar class in the fall of their junior year and for the senior seminar class in the spring of their senior year.  Additionally, the program will provide funding for the student to attend 2 conferences (this will be particularly useful to those students who plan to do research with a faculty member in the biology department).

How do I apply?
Fill out an application by April 18th.  The application can be downloaded here or you can get a hard copy from Dr. Morris in HS317-D


Contact Info: Sara Morris, PhD, Canisius College , 2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208