Considering Ornithology Research at Canisius?

The Morris research team is a group of dedicated students who study bird biology.  Many of my former research assistants have gone on to medical school, dental school, veterinary school, or graduate school.  You don't have to plan to become an ornithologist to be part of the team.  However, you do have to have an interest in birds and a willingness to work hard. 

I encourage students who are interested in the team to come to a lab meeting.  We have them most Fridays.  You can talk to my students about their projects, learn about what it is like to be part of the team, and talk to me about your interests and the projects that we expect to be working on for the next few years. 

My research team and I do actively collect data, but much of the research during the academic year involves computer work with data files that have already been collected.

During the first semester or two in my lab, new students are asked to help with many of the routine tasks associated with banding data, including comparing the raw data to the computerized versions.  New students are often assigned to a more experienced student to shadow their activities and learn our software programs and our procedures.  After about a year in the lab, students are generally given the opportunity to take the lead on a specific project.  Students who want to do research, but can't commit to being the lead on a project, may work as a co-investigator with another student.

Students who have worked in my lab for at least one semester can apply for CEEP funding.  These are competitive research grants to pay students for their time working with faculty members.

If you are interested in considering the Morris team, please contact me directly at You are not committing to join the team by attending a meeting, and I encourage students to visit several labs to make sure that they are joining a team that fits them well.  Research mentors have different styles and processes and it is important to feel comfortable in the group you join.  

If you are interested in research, but not in my lab, please look at the posters in the hallway to see what the different labs are doing.  Most faculty in the department are involved in research projects with students and most accept new students each year.



Contact Info: Sara Morris, PhD, Canisius College , 2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208