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Dr. Yuxing Yan

Email: yuxing.yan@canisius.edu

Tel : (716) 888 2604

Short bio

Since graduated from McGill with a Ph.D. in finance, Dr. Yan has been working and teaching at WLU and McGill (in Canada), NTU (in Singapore), U. Penn, Loyola, Hofstra, UMUC, University at Buffalo and Canisius (in the US). At 8 schools, he taught various finance courses including Financial Modeling, Options and Futures, Portfolio Theory, Quantitative Financial Analysis, Financial Analysis with R and Corporate Finance at undergraduate and graduate levels. [1-page CV]


Dr. Yan has been active doing research with 23 publications. His research has been published in Journal of Accounting and Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Real Estate Review, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Applied Financial Economics and Annals of Operations Research. His research areas include Open-Source Finance, Big (Financial) Data Analysis, and Market Microstructure.

Computer programming

Good at R, Python, SAS,Matlab and C. Four books: Python for Finance 2nd ed., (2017), 1st ed. 2014, Chinse ed.(2017), Korean ed.,(2017). The Python book was adopted by two Amerian universities as their textbook. Financial Modeling using R (2016). The R book was adopted by three universities: Loyola University, University at Buffalo and Canisius College.

Expert on financial data

When teaching at NTU, he taught Introduction to Financial Databases to doctoral students. Together with S.W. Zhu, they published a book titled Financial Databases (in Chinese,2007). Currently, he is working on another book titled Financial Data Analysis using PPR.
Economics & Finance Dept | Wehle Business School | Canisius College